Diagnostic Testing

Some cytology and parasitology samples can be examined in house under our microscope.

Difficult cytology samples and samples taken for histopathology or bacterial/fungal/viral culture as send to an external laboratory for testing.

Results are usually received within a few days, depending on the test protocol.

In House Diagnostics

Vetscan Blood Analysis Machine

This offers immediate blood test results for routine medical and surgical cases. For more difficult cases we can collect blood and can send off to an external laboratory for Specialist review by a Veterinary Pathologist.

Digital Radiology

Digital radiology provides superior quality radiographs. We offer Hip and Elbow Scoring, along with radiology for diagnostic purposes.

Advance DNA testing

We are accredited to take samples for the Advance Mixed Breed Identification DNA test. These samples are sent to the USA and results take 6-8 weeks.

Ultrasound Examinations

We are lucky to have the wonderful Dr Anna Galloway BVSc (Hons) MACVSc (Radiology) come to the clinic for Specialist Ultrasound Examinations when requested.