Surgery & De-sexing


We routinely perform soft tissue surgeries such as lump removals, caesarean section, wound repairs and dental procedures, and can also provide affordable orthopaedic surgical procedures such as cruciate repair, patella luxation surgery and fracture repair.

De-sexing is a day procedure, we offer this service Monday to Friday. When you book your pet in for de-sexing you will receive our pre surgery email which will explain the fasting requirements and what to expect on the surgery day. The morning admission generally takes 5-10 minutes, one of our nurses will go through the pre-anaesthetic questionnaire and answer any questions you may have. Expect a call from our nurses after 2pm to check  in with you and to make a discharge time according to your pets recovery time from the anaesthetic. Just like humans, each patient wakes up at a slightly different rate from the anaesthetic. On discharge, you will be given detailed home care notes explaining the recovery requirements allowing your pet to make the optimum recovery.

Services Offered

  • Routine De-sexing
  • Lump Removals
  • Stitch Ups
  • Cruciate Ligament¬†Repairs
  • Patella Surgery