2019 Operation Wanted – 20% off Desexing

Operation Wanted (OW) is a major and successful annual desexing initiative marking the collaboration of local councils, local participating veterinary clinics and RSPCA Queensland. Participating veterinary clinics offer 20% discount off their usual desexing fee to people who have registered online and received a unique desexing discount code. From the 1st of June to 31st of August 2019.


There are many great reasons to have your pet desexed. Below we list some of them and remember desexing your pet will make sure they do not add to the unwanted puppies and kittens currently sitting in shelters and pounds waiting for homes.


  • Reduces desire to roam
  • Allows your pet to be happier and healthier
  • No risk of unwanted litters
  • Cheaper council registration fees
  • Reduces risk of some cancers
  • Reduces aggressive behaviours in dogs
  • Reduces behaviours such as urine spraying in catshouse_icon
You can register for the discount by clicking here
Then call us for a price and to make a booking on 3816 0210.