An update from the Little Critters Team…. a change to our emergency service


As of 8pm tonight (Friday 28th October, 2016) we will no longer be providing a general after-hours service for emergencies.

We will, however, still be providing an after-hours service for our day surgery patients until 8pm Monday to Friday.

We have struggled to provide this service for last 3 years and it is very taxing to all the vets as there are often very late nights and early mornings involved. As we need to be on the ball during the day to provide the best treatment possible for your animals we all feel that, to do justice to your animals, we need to reduce the stress on all our staff.
We all understand that there will be some disappointment and anxiety over this move but the most important thing to the staff at this clinic is that your animal receives the best possible medical and surgical care available if there is some sort of health crisis.

You might be interested to know that a consultation fee at most of the after-hours/emergency clinics is around $120.00 which is much less that what we can provide the service at. Additionally, while monitoring of your animal overnight in these facilities is a significant cost, if your animal needs monitoring then a fully equipped after-hours/emergency clinic is the best place for them while they are stabilised.

For the moment we are still recommending referral to Animal Emergency Services (AES) – at Underwood Phone number 3423 1888 – for the time being. AES is also opening another after-hours/emergency clinic in Jindalee in approximately February 2017 which will be even more convenient for our Clients to access. There is also another after-hours/emergency clinic opening in Seventeen Mile rocks in December 2016.

One of our Vets lives approximately 25 minutes away so it will often be faster for you to take your animal directly to one of the Emergency Clinics than for our vets to come in to our Clinic to see you. The last thing we will say is that these after-hours/emergency clinics provide very high quality services with constant monitoring of your animal throughout the night (something that we are unable to provide). We get a history for your animal sent through to us first thing the next morning and for any non-critical care your pets will be returned to us for further work-up or monitoring.