Do you have FLEA problems??

We have put together some reasons why you may be seeing fleas on your pets or in your house!!flea

  • Waiting until you see fleas or your dog or cat!
    Flea medications work best as prevention ie BEFORE YOU SEE THE FLEAS.  Once you can see the fleas they have had enough time to reproduce and contaminate the environment with eggs & pupae (only 5% of the fleas will actually be on the pet)


  • Not treating all the pets in the household to reduce/prevent environmental contamination
    If you miss a “dose” the fleas can survive long enough to reproduce and start their lifecycle again increasing environmental contamination and therefore the number of fleas on your pet


  • Not using flea products at the recommended intervals
    For example only applying one dose that kills the fleas that are on the pet at the time, missing doses since there “aren’t any fleas” or only treating in summer




  • Not identifying where the environment is contaminatedg. bedding or the backyard and cleaning up the environment


  • Using products that contain chemicals that fleas are now resistant to


  • Incorrectly applying or administering flea prevention product
    eg. not getting it on the skin properly, skin that is not healthy will not absorb the product properly, washing your pet or letting it swim shortly after applying a spot on


  • Not being realistic about how the flea control products work
    Fleas need to jump on your pet to be affected by the preventatives we use, fleas can take hours to die, new fleas can be jumping onto your pet from the environment, pupae can stay viable in the environment for 12 months so when they hatch for pet can get fleas again

If you have any questions or need any advice please call the clinic on 3816 0210